Our philosopy

Whether we act as investment advisors, asset managers, or family office service providers, the first and most important step in a new client relationship is to establish a foundation of mutual trust. We conscientiously analyze each client’s financial situation and expectations.

One key issue is the determination of the client’s risk profile on a scale between risk aversion and risk tolerance. This is absolutely necessary for defining an investment strategy and an asset allocation program. A financial concept can only be based on a thorough review of the client’s needs.

Once all the benchmarks have been established, we will implement the strategy. From then on, we will regularly inform you of our activities, the steps we take to safeguard your interests, and the performance of your assets.

We operate according to the high watermark principle. This means that no fee is due for periods in which we do not generate a positive result. Thus, emerald asset advisory AG shares the risk with its clients.